Dawnielle Perez

Technical Production

Dawnielle worked as a drafter for over two years before joining H/S in 2022. Her interest started when she was assigned drafting as a senior-year elective. Years later, she rediscovered her passion for design and drafting while drawing elevation plans for her parent’s home, which Hurricane Katrina had destroyed. After reconstruction, she returned to school and decided to pursue a degree in a field in which she was passionate.

She is currently a tutor at Delgado Community College for AutoCAD and Revit. She has previously worked as a Machining and Precision Tools Instructor at the 1881 Institute, where she facilitated workshops and training for teens and young adults. She challenged them to think critically and creatively while prototyping and building furniture.

She has been recognized at Delgado Community College as a Chancellor’s Honor graduate while completing her Associate degrees in Computer-Aided Design/Drafting and Architectural/Design Construction Technology. In 2020, she was awarded the NASA MISTC scholarship (MUREP), and her team designed a frame for the 2021 NASA Rover Challenge. She was also selected to participate in the NCAS and NASA L’Space Mission Concept Academy as an Intern, where she designed several rovers and aerial probes for the Moon, Mars, and Venus Missions. In 2021, she received the Building Futures Scholarship for construction management.
A native of St. Bernard Parish, Dawnielle is a hard worker and always eager to learn new things. Outside of her career, she spends time with her children, family and friends, sings karaoke with her fiancé, and crafts while brainstorming novel ideas.