Design Philosophy

A Culture of Design

For us, beauty can be found in the small detail of a handrail as much as it can on the large scale of a city plan. Our works reflect Regional Modernism principles by creating a relationship between the architecture and its environment, incorporating the culture of the region that will persist throughout the life of the building.


We combine our design skills with a sense of craftsmanship and progressive construction knowledge. For us, significant architecture is the successful fusion of Art and Science.


Much of the design process starts from knowing what happened before. History teaches us what is important to the place, people, and culture. Our historical analysis is accomplished through a series of visual investigations. We strive for our architecture to be respectful of its setting yet express its own individuality and form a part of an ever evolving history.


Material selection plays a vital part of ensuring cohesiveness. In choosing materials we must take into account budget, durability, constructability, sustainability and aesthetics. We also relish the opportunity to experiment with new materials and search for indigenous materials closely related to the surrounding built environment and landscape.


Architecture provides the means by which people exist within their environment. Our designs respond and react to the climactic conditions specific to the surroundings. We express the relationship between the landscape and building. We are also inspired by the site’s physical qualities. We search for the site’s unique aspects and use our design as a way to celebrate and enhance those qualities.


We see architecture as an expression of structure, both functional and beautiful. We think critically about building components to insure that they are beautifully integrated. We strategically reveal and conceal the structural and architectural connections while carefully incorporating various types of building systems into the building.

We Appreciate

all varieties of vernacular architecture, from the necessities imposed by climate and customs to the high level of local craftsmanship. We learn from history while advancing and embracing new building technology in order to provide better architecture for our clients.

We Believe

that an architectural experience should be subtly created through a sense of environmental responsiveness. In our design process, we attempt to express our sensitivity through the way we think, draw, and detail every element of the project.