David Hebert, Assoc. AIA

Emerging Professional


As a child, David was always either running around the mill of a cabinet shop watching others craft furniture or enjoying the art of knife making with his grandfather. The idea that something drawn could turn into something real was always astounding. Before starting college, David worked in construction, where he would find the field of architecture and the passion it could become.

While attending the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, he earned both his Bachelor of Architecture and Master of Architecture degrees. Through this education, he began to realize just how important and powerful good design really is.

While at UL, he received the opportunity to design and build a project with the goal of helping someone in need. This project was named the Modestehouse, a small-scale, portable space that, through its multi-faceted design, would best benefit the owner, who lost their home to the floods of 2016.

After completing his education, he continued to work full-time with an architect in Lafayette, whom he interned with throughout his years at UL. This experience has led him to the present, at Holly & Smith Architects, where he is excited to be working on a multitude of great designs.

In his personal time, David enjoys hobbies including woodworking, tinkering with anything technology, and looking to his next hiking adventure.