Laura I. Rosemberg

Emerging Professional

Growing up around construction and engineering, Laura knew from a young age that she wanted to play a part in designing the world around us. She chose architecture as her lifelong passion and never looked back. After obtaining her Bachelor of Architecture degree from Tulane School of Architecture in 2023, she’s eager to put her academic knowledge to the test.

Throughout her academic journey, she honed her design skills on projects of various scales, with a focus on graphical representation and design exploration. Collaborative projects provided valuable experiences in teamwork, effective communication with peers and professors, and an appreciation for the intricate problem-solving aspects of architecture, as she enjoyed thinking about the details and possibilities of every project. As she embarks on her professional journey, Laura is determined to continue her growth, embracing new challenges and seizing opportunities to contribute her skills to projects at H/S.

Beyond her professional life, Laura enjoys spending time with friends in local parks and exploring new dining experiences. She’s an advocate for an active lifestyle, frequently engaging in sports like tennis and basketball with friends. On weekends, you can find her sharing her passion for fitness by teaching a workout class at her alma mater’s recreation center.