Matthew Romano, Assoc. AIA

Emerging Professional

Since the 6th grade, he has been part of the talented arts program in school, demonstrating a particular interest in pencil drawing, often sketching buildings and cars. As he entered high school, he began assisting his Stepfather with contracting work, flipping houses and taking on small remodeling projects.

It wasn’t until his senior year, during a drafting class, that he realized the potential of a career in architecture and decided to pursue architecture at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. The idea of shaping spaces and structures fascinated him. With a keen appreciation for mathematics, especially geometry, he found it instrumental in his architectural process. His approach often involved developing grids as a starting point, employing geometric concepts and principles to establish connections between his drawings and site analysis. This approach informed his thesis project, where he conceptualized a pavilion in downtown Lafayette that responded to varying sun conditions, casting purposeful shadows throughout the year.

In 2020, he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Architecture. Eager to gain practical experience, he took a year off from school and worked as a laborer with a Landscape Architect, gaining invaluable hands-on experience in design and construction. Subsequently, he returned to UL Lafayette, pursuing his Masters in Architecture and graduating in 2023. Immediately after receiving his degree, he packed his belongings and returned home to begin an exciting new chapter at Holly & Smith Architects the very next week.

An avid soccer player, he pursued competitive soccer in high school and achieved a significant milestone in 2016, winning the State Cup with his local club, STYSA. Throughout his college years, he discovered another passion: refereeing soccer games. This activity provided a remarkable opportunity to stay connected to his love for the sport. Even now, he continues to dedicate his weekends to this rewarding pursuit.