Channell Drugstore


Hammond, Louisiana


Channell Shopping Center Partnership

Completion Date



Our goal for this project was to improve visibility and public image for a local community pharmacy. We strived to achieve a strong presence for this small business through the use of dynamic building form. The form of the building reflects a fresh image in the community. It also promotes the expansion of the business by incorporating drive-thru windows for added customer convenience and accessibility. The high, Southern facing windows allow for an abundance of natural light to penetrate the interior without sacrificing valuable shelving space. The roof overhang, with angled brackets, provides solar protection while adding to the overall design aesthetic.

A rectangular footprint was chosen to maximize economy and efficiency; however, complexity was added to the program by manipulating interior spaces as they are hidden and revealed. Visual elements such as an exposed truss frame and ductwork, stained concrete, corrugated metal, and pendant-mounted fixtures create a distinct departure from the typical “big-box” pharmacy.

A diverse palette of materials, including angled timber braces, painted cement board siding, anodized aluminum windows, and corrugated metal panels, creates a dynamic composition of contrasting colors and textures. The curved gull-wing roof’s sweeping profile gives this small building its most distinctive feature, setting this local pharmacy apart from its nearby competition.