Delgado River City Campus


Avondale, Louisiana



Completion Date

Summer 2018

Delgado’s new River City Campus is located on a 10.4-acre site in Avondale, a city historically known for shipbuilding. The design for this new facility was inspired by its context, including Delgado’s City Park campus, the Avondale shipyard, and the surrounding local architecture. Approaching the site, you are greeted by an earth-toned, masonry façade that mimics the material palette found at the City Park campus. The large, covered entry element welcomes visitors with a masonry arch, which is then translated into ornamental, structural arch trusses that sail through the entry lobby following a similar rhythm to a ship’s ribbed framing. The ribs are the structure for the building, giving it shape and strength, similar to the ship’s frame. The structure of this building is also emphasized through the exterior masonry pilasters and metal fins. The fins allow for the attachment of shading devices where needed and will act as gutters that will guide roof water into the courtyard’s bio-swales. The rhythm is further emphasized through the brick colonnade entry and the staggered paving throughout the courtyard. The material palette for the sides and rear facades are earth-toned masonries and corrugated metal panels, further bringing light to this building’s industrial program. The new campus design promotes Delgado’s mission to provide an environment centered on learning that will prepare students for their future.