Envoc City Farm


Baton Rouge, Louisiana



Completion Date

December 2020

When software development company Envoc decided to relocate its Baton Rouge office from the Perkins Rowe mixed-use development to City Farm office park, it enlisted Holly & Smith Architects to design the build-out of the 3,400 square foot shell space. H/S designed Envoc’s previous space around the company’s branding and culture of Think – Work – Play. That concept was carried over to the new space but with a twist. Since the new building shell had a modern farmhouse aesthetic, the interior of the space needed to acknowledge that. H/S was tasked with combining Envoc’s edgy, techy style with the building’s modern farmhouse style. The new office space is the perfect combination of both.

A building envelope with soft white walls and black trim creates a clean, crisp backdrop for the colorful elements within the space. The space is divided into zones and color-coded accordingly: Think [purple] – Work [blue] – Play [green]. The playful culture of Envocians is exhibited in the playful break room, where unlimited snacks are always on hand, as well as in the lounge area outside the large conference room, where impromptu Scrabble games can take place at any time. Each office pod has a full glass front with a sliding door, allowing acoustic privacy for focused work while still allowing transparency to the rest of the office.

Special attention was given to the branding elements within the office space. The wood slat ceiling that spans the center of the space was crafted of local cypress wood and includes a charcoal gray stain in the shape of Envoc’s signature Ō. The light fixture at the entryway is in the shape of an O. The custom-designed lightbox signage element in the lobby features Envoc’s signature branding color of green. The flooring materials all feature the company’s branding colors of gray, purple, blue, and green.