Kentwood Library Branch


Kentwood, Louisiana


Tangipahoa Library Board

Completion Date

November 2022


In a semi-rural community committed to revitalizing its underutilized downtown, a new library branch in Kentwood, Louisiana has transformed an abandoned brownfield site. With a comprehensive program encompassing office and workspaces, a service desk, restrooms, stacks, a youth area, computers, indoor and outdoor community rooms, and a cutting-edge interactive omni-globe, this new building has become the centerpiece of the neighborhood’s urban fabric.

The design embraces the downtown context, situating the library’s facade at the property line, adorned with an elegant canopy and clerestory windows. A meticulously crafted masonry wall maintains the building’s presence along the sidewalk, creating an outdoor gathering space accentuated by a brise-soleil. Historic concrete steps were preserved and run the entire length of the block, now complemented by a new brick-screened access ramp meeting code requirements.

The planning parti thoughtfully addresses the street entry and rear parking entry, where a strategically positioned lobby and service desk create a seamless transition between the public spaces and functional work areas. The structural system displays steel columns and pine timber beams. Cypress ceilings, soffits, and pine timber pay homage to the area’s rich timber industry heritage, utilizing locally sourced lumber to establish a sense of belonging.

More than just a library, this project catalyzes neighborhood improvement, providing the community with valuable access to high-speed internet, fostering gatherings, and serving traditional library patrons and modern innovations. Revitalizing a neglected brownfield site and integrating it with the urban fabric makes this library branch a beacon of progress, connecting the community and ushering in a vibrant future.