Ochsner Urgent Care Hancock Whitney Building


New Orleans, Louisiana


Ochsner Health System

Completion Date

April 2019

Expanding on the concept of “Bringing Patient Care to the Patient,” Ochsner recently completed a New Urgent Care Facility in the Hancock Whitney Center in New Orleans CBD. Conveniently located in the former One Shell Square Entrance Lobby, this new 2,600 SF Facility provides immediate Urgent Care services to Downtown’s businesses, minimizing travel times to local Hospitals and Clinics to receive treatment for minor ailments. The facility is open for extended hours and includes Exams Rooms, Treatment, and Point of Care Testing Services. Project challenges that were overcome included the introduction of plumbing to the existing high-rise’s ground floor area, which was previously utilized as office space. Through careful collaboration with the Contractor, the project Design Team and Engineers cleverly worked to develop a plan to navigate the new plumbing into the existing foundation and provide minimal modifications to the original foundation. Overall the project was a success completing Design and Construction on schedule. This model delivery is being considered for other opportunities as Ochsner expands throughout the region.