Offices For Daigle Fisse, P.L.C.


Madisonville, Louisiana


Daigle Fisse, P.L.C.

Completion Date



The design goal was to provide an architecture that was conducive to the core values of the firm’s practice. These were to combine the legal skills and litigation experience found in large metropolitan firms with the community values and virtues of a smaller more personal practice. A great majority of design focus was given to the attorney client interaction, as well as business to community interface. This is apparent in the special relationship between the main entry lobby, the entry forecourt and the main conference area.  The entry court, lobby and conference provide a continuous dialogue of space which can be opened to each other for communal gatherings. Several options were studied involving the organization of 5 basic program elements. Lobby and shared auxiliary spaces at center, principal lawyer office wing (north), additional lawyer office wing (south), Conference space and entry court at front.These program elements were also identified in elevation and three dimensional massing. The repetitive rhythm of the bracketed columns reference the wooded rural context. At night the spaces shine like a beacon in the forest.