Russell B. Long Federal Building and Courthouse


Baton Rouge, Louisiana


United States of America

Completion Date



The structure is a significant addition to the city and the gateway to the historic downtown district of Baton Rouge. The site is adjacent to the existing 1932 Art Moderne Federal Courthouse. A large grove of mature oak trees gives character to the site. The new building is designed to respond to the specific goals of the owner; (1) save and incorporate the live oak trees into the design, (2) make reference to the 1932 Courthouse with color, architectural treatment and scale; and (3) provide modern, effective facilities for the United States District Courthouse and Federal Government. Compatibility between the new and old courthouse is achieved by the use of simulated limestone architectural concrete panels with intricate detailing sensitive to the 1932’s limestone detailing. Also, the massing was reduced to relate the existing courthouse by use of the basement areas with below grade gardens.