Tangipahoa Parish Tourism Commission Building


Hammond, Louisiana


Tangipahoa Parish

Completion Date


Tangipahoa Parish’s geographical footprint is long and narrow. This is because the significant towns of the parish follow the north-south route of the Illinois Central Railroad like a string of pearls. Within each of these small towns there was historically an architectural gem; the train station and/or depot. The Tourism Center’s design was inspired from the spirit of this typology. The Building is located along Interstate 55 in Hammond, Louisiana. Now that the automobile has taken over as the dominant means of transportation (in lieu of the train), I-55 parallels the railroad on a north-south route and is the main artery for Tangipahoa Parish.||The Tourism Center contains a large meeting, an interpretive museum space and staff offices. The high volume space in the center contains the interpretive museum and is the main public space for visitors to the building.