Urology Clinic For Dr. Joy Nielsen


Hammond, Louisiana


Dr. Joy Nielson

Completion Date



The client needed a facility for a growing practice housed in an aging medical office plaza. Patients receiving care at the facility required a concept of separate programmatic spaces. These spaces had to allow for relaxation while waiting, “decompression” for preparation, and private consultation. The building’s program provides opportunities to enhance patient comfort by separating the more public waiting areas from the inherently stressful exam and procedures rooms. The porte-cochere creates a welcoming approach to the facility. Overhangs provide solar protection on the south side, while the higher eave height on the North allows for larger windows. Brick and asphalt shingles tie the building into the surrounding complex, while horizontally installed copper-colored corrugated metal panels add a new texture to the developing doctor’s boulevard. Special care was taken in developing volume and materials to maintain the client’s preference for contemporary materials while eliminating the harsh environment often found in doctor’s waiting rooms.