Village de Jardin

A new senior housing community for the Louisiana Housing Finance Authority was developed for individuals 55 years and older. The traditional neighborhood concept was utilized to offer services and supportive housing, enabling residents to live well and age in place. The total development is 11.4 acres in size, with a total of 224 living units. The main street allows for a pedestrian-friendly environment and activates the street edge through the mixed-use complex’s service components.

The design offers diversity by providing multiple building types that range from single-family homes to small and large apartment buildings. All of these utilize different solar shading methods such as deep overhangs, building orientation, and porches and balconies screened with wood slats. The building types on the site allowed for increased density while maintaining an abundance of public green space and community gardens. Some gardens are placed on elevated plinths’ to aid the elderly. This resulted from the need to modify the existing site grade elevation to the current adjusted base flood elevation. A simple palette of materials was carried out through the development, which consisted of fiber cement siding, stucco, and wood.