Firm Culture at H/S

Design Culture

Our culture is a culture of design and a passion for architecture. Thoughtful design of our built environment at all scales is what excites us.  We understand that great design enriches people’s lives and nurtures a passion for living. Furthermore, this philosophy requires an acute awareness of our impact on our environment. Sustainable design is at its essence the Design for Life. Understanding the climatic conditions of a place informs our design as we search for a site’s unique aspects to celebrate and enhance those qualities. Our work is regionally modern and encourages a healthy relationship with the environment & culture that will persist throughout the life of the building. After all, when we Design for Life, all life is better.

Team Culture

At H/S, we have a rich team culture that focuses on community, connection, and fun. It’s a culture that’s been built over the past 40 years. In the community, we pride ourselves on giving back to local causes like the community garden, regional arts center, and volunteer meal programs. Internally, our team members gather annually for fun events like the delicious company crawfish boil, the festive Irish Channel St. Patrick’s Day Parade, and the always lively Christmas party. Weekly shenanigans can be seen on Friday afternoons with competitive games of cornhole and Pictionary. We even have a championship bowling team and award-winning backyard BBQ crew!  Community + connection + fun = a great team culture here at Holly & Smith Architects!