H/S Interior Design Director, Mary Mowad Guiteau, Appointed to the Downtown Development District Board of Directors

Holly & Smith Architects proudly announces the appointment of Mary Mowad Guiteau, a native of Oakdale, Louisiana, to the Downtown Development District Board of Directors by the Hammond City Council. Born into a family deeply involved in community leadership, Mary’s father served as the mayor of Oakdale for 20 years, instilling in her the importance of fostering vibrant communities through strategic business initiatives, park development, and building renovations.

Mary brings a unique perspective to her role as the East Side Business and Property Owners representative, with a two-year term commencing on January 1, 2024. Her firsthand experience witnessing the transformative impact of community-focused projects aligns seamlessly with her belief that Hammond epitomizes a thriving community—a model she envisions for cities nationwide.

As the Director of Interior Design at Holly & Smith Architects in Downtown Hammond, Mary has sustained a successful career, making her intimately familiar with the heartbeat of the city. She views her appointment to the Downtown Development District Board as an opportunity to further contribute to the community that has been integral to her professional and personal life.

When asked about her favorite activities in Downtown Hammond, Mary shared, “Supporting our local businesses! I love them all, but my favorites are a brownie from BATTER, a coffee from Luma, lunch from La Carreta, a massage from Paris Parker, a haircut from Salon NuoVo, and gifts from Chickie Collective or Susan’s General Store.”

Serving on the DDD Board holds special significance for Mary. “I’ve always been taught that your community gives to you, so you should give back to your community. Having worked in downtown Hammond for the past 16 years has given me such an appreciation for what it offers to everyone. I felt it was important to give back to this wonderful place,” she expressed.

Mary Mowad Guiteau’s commitment to community development and her unique perspective promise to be valuable assets as she joins other influential leaders in steering the future of downtown Hammond.