H/S Intern Incentive Program

Holly & Smith Architects would like to congratulate Rohit Sood and Jason Hernandez for participating in the H/S Intern Incentive Program and completing their Architectural Registration Exams.

The H/S Intern Incentive Program is for all architectural interns that are currently enrolled in the Intern Development Program (IDP) within the firm. The program provides an incentive package to interns that successfully complete the Architectural Registration Exams (ARE) and become licensed in the State of Louisiana.

The Intern Incentive Program encourages interns to complete the Architectural Registration Exams by reducing the financial requirements normally associated with the Exams, and by providing an entire day of Paid Time Off to be used for each of the tests that are successfully passed.

Interns are encouraged to enter the program when they are ready to begin taking the exams, and not when they first enter the IDP. This is because the exams require knowledge that cannot be obtained from study material alone, so Holly & Smith Architects has instituted the H/S Mentoring Program to further develop the intern’s knowledge base in preparation for the exams.

The H/S Intern Incentive Program and the H/S Mentoring Program reinforce Holly & Smith Architects’ commitment to having all interns employed by the firm become licensed architects.