H/S Office Manager, Brittany Olivier, MBA Earns Her Master’s Degree

Holly & Smith Architects is proud to announce that our dedicated Office Manager, Brittany Olivier, MBA, has recently earned her Master’s Degree. Brittany’s pursuit of advanced education is a testament to her commitment to personal and professional growth, inspired by the culture of continuous learning fostered at H/S. She shared that the encouragement from the firm and the drive of her colleagues played a crucial role in her decision to further her education, allowing her to deepen her expertise and contribute more effectively to the team.

Brittany’s MBA program in Accounting and Finance lasted seventeen months and included courses in economics, management, marketing, finance, statistics, and accounting. The program’s mix of in-person and online sessions allowed Brittany to balance her studies with her responsibilities at H/S.

The comprehensive education Brittany received in accounting and finance aligns perfectly with her role at H/S. She emphasized that this program was the ideal platform to achieve both her personal and career goals, equipping her with the necessary expertise to excel as part of the H/S team. The specialized focus on financial management principles will enable her to enhance budgeting processes, streamline financial reporting, and make well-informed decisions to optimize the firm’s financial performance.

Balancing work and education was challenging, but Brittany managed her time effectively. Looking ahead, Brittany aims to leverage her newfound knowledge to contribute meaningfully to the firm’s success and pursue further opportunities for growth and development. We are excited to see how her advanced education will benefit H/S and look forward to her continued contributions.

Firm Founder Michael Holly said, “H/S is proud of her accomplishments. This fits in with H/S’s commitment to individual and team generational growth.