Jeffrey Smith Receives appointment by Governor

Governor Jindal announced new appointments to the Louisiana Fire Prevention Board of Review – Jeffrey Smith will serve as a registered architect.

The Louisiana Fire Prevention Board of Review serves to review and evaluate alternatives to fire prevention or protection laws and regulations established by the fire marshal when a request of review is properly submitted.

According to statute, the board is composed of nine gubernatorial appointments which are subject to senate confirmation including one voluntary fire department chief, one full-time fire department chief, one registered architect, one registered engineer, one member will represent building owners and managers, one member will represent mercantile- industry interests, two members must represent the general public who have no vested interests directly or indirectly in the construction industry or the ownership or management of commercial buildings, and one member selected by the Rating and Fire Prevention Bureau. Additionally, the state fire marshal will serve on the board as an ex-officio member and will select one member to represent fire marshals, according to statute.