Meet the Designer

What made you want to pursue a design career?

My journey into design began during my second year of college when I embarked on remodeling an old camper to create my own space. Collaborating with my parents, we transformed it into a cozy tiny home where I lived for four years. This hands-on experience sparked my interest in interior design and set me on the path to pursuing it as a career.

What is it about your surroundings that inspires your design?

My design inspiration truly comes from God’s creations and the people around me. Nature’s beauty and the creativity of those I encounter really inspire me.

Are there any new design trends that excite or annoy you?

I love bringing the outdoors indoors, so biophilic design is always a favorite – alongside the vintage and retro elements that are rolling back around!

What is your favorite color?

Blue, Yellow & Orange are my favorite color combo!

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