H/S Wins Big!

On Friday July 18th, 2008 AIA Baton Rouge held its annual design awards program banquet at the Louisiana State Museum in downtown Baton Rouge.

It was a hot night in July in more ways than one for Holly and Smith when they were acknowledged four times for their design work submitted in the Rose Award Program, sponsored by the Baton Rouge Chapter of the American Institute of Architects. The firm was awarded 2 Rose Awards, One Silver Award and One Gold Award, the highest honor given for design work in the awards program.

The design jury was made up of architects from other parts of the state who are acknowledged designers in their own right. They included:

– Doug Ashe FAIA
– Charles Beasely AIA
– Karl Puljak

Their comments on each of the projects follows:

Avoyelles Public Charter School in Mansura, La.
Rose Award
“We all know how difficult it is to do quality architecture on school work in Louisiana with such limited funds. The architects were able to get the most out of every dollar and produce a design that creates a sense of place, has wonderful detailing, and provides a wonderful learning environment for students. The placement of the buildings to produce a courtyard and covered areas provides opportunities for the students to get together for informal conversation.”

Iberville State Office Building in Baton Rouge, La.
Rose Award
“A wonderful partner with the building across the street to create a gateway entrance into the Capitol Complex. The two buildings, although different, work well together and each is made better by the presence of its neighbor. A wonderful contemporary response to the strong Art Deco expression of the State Capitol tower. The glass and metal top to the building is beautifully detailed and at night, when lighted up, makes a wonderful gateway tower. The interiors are flooded with natural light, making wonderful spaces to work in, where a window view is never very far away.”

North Oaks Rehabilitation Center Renovations in Hammond, La.
Silver Award
“A great addition to an ordinary building, making what was ordinary extraordinary. The curving white wall is wonderfully detailed and relates well to the hospital across the way. A strong presence is created by the curving wall and the space in between the wall and the existing building becomes a great place for sitting and quiet relaxation. The interiors are simple, but beautifully detailed, to create quiet dignified spaces.”

The Kirin Sushi Restaurant in downtown Hammond, La.
Gold Award
“The best project in the group. Very nice street presence. The use of the roof trellis and how they are carried down the front façade emphasizes the vertical and gives the building a stronger presence on the street. A wonderful variety of spaces within, each different in its detailing and color, to provide a variety of dining experiences each time one visits the restaurant. Wonderful vibrant colors and a creative use of a variety of materials.”

The firm has been a leader in the design field over the past twenty-seven years. With these four awards the firm has been cited 59 times for their design excellence since 1981.